Saturday, June 17, 2006

Why I have to have my dreams? A Message to Bill Gates and Friends

This question disturbs my last days. When dreams were made, written dan chased day by day: guess what you’ll get?

Yes, right. Worse situation, disturbance, cursed, humiliation and everything that will push you to misdirection. At least, to stop your journey. The further you walk the stranger you become. People will look at you as a freak creature, an alien. If you continue to believe your dreams and continue walking, one by one of your people support you for the first time – with all of reasons – will leave you. And every good bye will hurt you in the heart. Always like that, no matter how many time it happens. Even sometimes you think you will leave yourself alone. You don’t know where you are and why you choose this hardest way. You heart is believing but your brain is totally blocked. You get lost of your mind.

But why? Why you don’t choose the easiest way?

Let me show you the real offer: a big salary with U$ 59.000 cash in hand to start up a new company. Or becoming CEO of company X. Or becoming a speaker that paid U$ 150/day or more. Or folloewing my dream when I’m in college of applied art: becoming Creative Director at multinational agency where carrier & salary can reach higher and higher coz they have good system available for that?

We just live once and I aware to choose this hardest option. All better options are real, in front of my eyes and I say,”No, thanks.”

I drop myself to a garbage box among a lot of people saying how stupid I am. But I have to, coz I believe in my dreams. I believe that even I have a better options, they will not lead me to reach my dreams. I just believe I have to keep the fire in my heart live, in this coldest night and heavy storm. Darkness turn to darkest and push me to give up. I just have to stay awake and smile.After this over, the dark sky will turn to red and the sunrise will warm my destructed body. My bloody body will dry and the brighter world will arise. Flowers grow, the bird sings a morning song. Peace will come with my tears in happiness,”God, You are so kindful even sometimes so cruel. I know you won’t give a miracle to a weak human, so I don’t give up. I never give up.”

I do believe that one day at 2020, Petakumpet will become The Most Admired Company in The World (this year General Electric is elected, again). Petakumpet will be on the cover of Fortune Magazine, just like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch or Jeff Immelt on it. With IPO, Petakumpet will have enough cash needed to make live more interesting. With fresh ideas, everyday. And ofcourse, a lot of people wil be cursed to be rich or even very very rich.

Today I have a dream. If I could get Rp 600.000.000,- (U$ 64.500) before July 1st, 2006 I promise I will do everything – at my best – to make my dreams come true and sharing the benefit fairly. I will be happy if Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, Putera Sampoerna, Tung Desem Waringin – or whoever you are that have reached your dreams – have a moment to read this blog and help me even just give a little support and be the real of my future model. At least, to give a little testimonial that my dreams is not just wasting words come from a crazy guy.

Hope God listens to my pray…


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