Friday, June 23, 2006

Day 5: Passion

At 1979 when Chrysler in crisis, Lee Iacocca was paid $ 1/year. At 1997 when Apple nearly collaps, Steve Jobs was paid $ 1/year. At 2006 when his company needs investors, this guy was paid Rp 199.000,-/month. The first two are billionaires, but the last is not (yet).

It's a weird feeling if you are the second highest paid executive in your company then become the lowest. But it's good for your company, and yourself. Business is not just about how much money you can earn. In the end of the day when you're very very tired and go to sleep with a tie on your neck and shoes on your feet you will say: thank God for giving me passion...

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Wyrz! said...

Well done mas arif.