Saturday, August 11, 2007

Not Mr. Gates Anymore

The Richest Man on earth is now Carlos Slim. The son of a Mexico City shopkeeper has built a staggering $59 billion fortune. By Fortune calculations, the 67-year-old Slim has amassed a $59 billion fortune, based on the value of his public holdings at the end of July. This number puts him just ahead of perennial No. 1, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, whose net worth is estimated to be at least $58 billion. But Gates is selling off his single greatest source of wealth, Microsoft stock, to fund his foundation, while Slim's fortune is growing at a stunning clip. Read more here.
Now my question is answered. There is no eternity in this world. King is never be king forever. Coz up and down is the law of nature. Nobody knows what happens next. Maybe Gates will fight back or maybe Steve Jobs will arise. Nobody knows, just wait and see. Or joining to compete, like any other people in this: nobody knows if you will be the next richest man on this planet. But I will be, I just know. The toughest question that i have to answer every night to realize that dream would be: How?

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