Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Big Ideas are Like Wells

What is a big idea?

The easy way out, would be to say that a big idea is something opposite to a one off, a stand alone idea. Another attempt: a big idea is an idea bigger than just one ad.

That's a nice start; something like: a big idea is a container for more, other ideas. And I guess that is true. A big idea is like a well - it is a source for further thinking. It offers a basic thought that is interesting in itself but might also spark further thinking.

Because, I agree to what I read from other planners: ideas can be too big. They can be so big that they rule out other ideas, fresh thinking and renewal. In particular ideas that are highly executional, visual tend to work as a harness rather than a springboard.

Personally I like ideas based on compelling truths - some point of view that at least a vast group of people can easily embrace. When the all guiding thought takes the form of an opinion, when it is about taking sides, then it gets really interesting. Such ideas organize people pro and contra. They create some sort of tention. They are high in energy and can even get electrifying. Yet, big ideas are like wells.

There's a lot where it came from and like water wells, you automatically keep coming back for more.

Notes: saya dapet artikel ini dari milis CCI, dari copy postingannya Mas Daniel Rembeth. Kayaknya keren buat recharge dan dibaca ulang. Enjoy :)

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