Thursday, December 29, 2005

Learning From Mouri

In a wide-ranging interview Mourinho discussed his first season and a half at Chelsea and the forthcoming year. He was asked the following questions:

Now you have won the Premiership and the League Cup in your first season and you are top of the league by miles again, how many marks would you give yourself?
Not myself because it is not an individual sport, it is a family, a group, we are all responsible for good things and bad things. I think to our group I give a nine. I couldn't give a 10 because we didn't get to the Champions League Final. But because it is knockout and knockout is quite strange and not always the best teams go through, I would give between eight and nine. It was a great season but not perfect.

It seems Chelsea are the new Manchester United. Every kid wants to support Chelsea and you are winning everything as well.
Not yet. I think the Chelsea project is not about winning one championship, it is about gaining a few over the next years. At that time we can compare ourselves to what Man United have done in the past. But at this moment we have just one Premiership, a very important one as it was the first in 50 years and changes a little bit the way people look at Chelsea, especially the kids. But we have to do more to persuade people that Chelsea are the club of the future.

What about the nickname the Special One? Do you like it?
I cannot say I like it because when you lose you are not special. People can make fun with it so you can imagine if we lost two or three matches they say he is special because he lose a lot of times. But to be fair I think it is a nice nickname.

Are you a winner because you have a sense of perspective? You said there is no such thing as pressure in football - pressure is what happens in Iraq.
You are not playing with your life. You are not in danger. You are doing something you enjoy very much. Win and lose is part of the game, you cannot feel like the king because you win and you cannot feel like a monster because you lose. You have to keep your balance so to be fair I don't feel a lot of pressure. There are a lot of people in the world who have a lot of pressure. There are lot of jobs in the world where the pressure is there every moment.


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