Sunday, April 9, 2006

Just an Ordinary Man

Seeing Bill Gates's office is just like an ordinary office, a simple one without a super high definition tecnology. But what we can learn, is not just what we can see. We have to see the unseen of this picture.

For example, look at his face and his hair. Can you imagine how hard this man works to gain all what he has today as the richest man in this planet? Then look at his tired eyes: everyone has proplems, so does Bill Gates. Maybe he is worried about the newest Microsoft's OS called Windows Vista. Can this OS repeat the succeed of Windows XP? Everyone waits, and waiting for something to be success or fail - but don't know the answer - makes him worried. It's normal to everyone. But you can see the vision clearly comes out from his both eyes. It's great for Microsoft but scary for his competitors.

Look at Bill Gates. Then look at yourself. Think deeply. What can you learn from that?

(Photo by: Robyn Twomy for TIME)


bagus_aa29 said...

met ultah cah rembang, tambah sukses ya!

M. Arief Budiman said...

Makasih Mas Bagus.. Semoga sukses selalu di Jakarta :)