Wednesday, July 4, 2007

May The Force be With You

Here are names of ten finalists of IYCEY (International Young Creative Entrepreneur of the Year)Design 2007-2008, in alphabetical order:
  1. Bramono E. Sasongko (b.1979) is a product designer that has interest in automobile and motorcycle customization. In July 2006, he received an award for 1st place in Automotive Design Competition held by the Indonesian Motor Show. It was when he modified a family oriented multi-purpose minivan that was designed for Indonesia’s demographic condition.
  2. Bullitt Sesariza (b.1972) a game developer, designer, and programmer; and owner of A-Box Activation Games that builds games for advertisement purposes. One of his ambitions is to show to the world that video games is now a big part of design and creative industry in Indonesia
  3. Gregorius Supie Yolodi (b.1974) is a principal architect and work for a company named d-associates architect. His concept of design is to promote good design is a good life; and that reflects from his design works, like the transparent building at the corner of Jalan Kemang – Jakarta.
  4. Gustaff Hariman Iskandar (b.1974) is a media artist, researcher, and director of Bandung Centre for new media arts/Common Room Networks Foundation (a place where people in Bandung execute most programmes and activities).
  5. Jerry Aurum (b.1976) is a creative director and photographer; he’s also owner of Jerry Aurum Design Company and Jerry Aurum Photography. Jerry has successfully organised photos exhibition called Femalography, a celebration of women’s empowering beauty, in Senayan City – Jakarta last February 2007.
  6. M. Arief Budiman (b.1975) is a managing director of an advertising company, PT. Petakumpet, in Yogyakarta. The company’s services include promotion campaign, corporate ID, and media placement. In 2003, 2005 and 2006, Petakumpet was chosen as The Most Creative Agency at Pinasthika Ad. Festival; and in 2007, the advertising work is awarded The Best Print Ad by Cakram Magazine.
  7. Waluyohadi (b.1981) is an architect and industrial designer. He built his own company named Butawarna printing + design that provides printing and design service for low end market segment. Not like other designers who focus on established industries, his concern is more to urban problems like Angkot (public transport) and Gerobak PKL (street sellers).
  8. Wahyu Aditya (b.1980) is Founder, President Director, Teacher, Principal, Animator, and Creative Designer of Hello; Motion Corporation. Graduating from Sydney’s KvB Institute of Technology interactive multimedia and animation school, he went on to work as freelance comic illustrator and TV animator. His brainchild, the 8-monthly Hello; Fest educates schools and universities students about the art of motion picture.
  9. Wisman Tjiardy (b.1974) is an architect and a director of PT. Netpolitan, which area of work is in the eLearning field, especially financial sector. Their clients now are varied from Asean Secretariat, Bank Indonesia, Telkomsel, and other multinational companies.
  10. Yuni Jie (b.1977) an interior designer, owner of Jie Design, and author of first-three bilingual design books in Indonesia. Her interior design works have been selected to be one of the best interior selected by Skala+ magazine in 2005 and 2006.

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