Friday, February 10, 2006

Good is Not Enough Launching

Yogyakarta, February 10, 2006, 07.00 pm – Petakumpet, a creative company based on Gedongkiwo Yogyakarta is launching a new corporate and brand identity that will include a reworked company logo, titled Good is Not Enough.

"This tagline 'Good is Not Enough' means that every person of this company should not get satisfied with our past or present achievements. It's not enough just being the good, while others working hard of being the great. Everybody should love challenges to be better, not to hide from them," said M. Arief Budiman, Petakumpet's Managing Director at kick off speech.

The company drops the eye from it's previous logo, change typeface and bring it together with the new face: a compact modification of frutiger bold with a hiding shape of orange 'e' and leaf on it. Combination colour of black dan familiar orange represents new spirit to create more fresh ideas in fast growing company and being tough in the harder competition to achieve greatness. The new logo was created by Eko Eddi Sucipto (Creative Head), the winner of internal new logo competition. Eko becomes the first designer from 2nd generation after the previous logos created by Petakumpet's founders: Radetyo Sindhu Utomo (President Director) and M. Arief Budiman (Managing Director) and Petakumpet’s community at their first studio at Pakuncen Yogyakarta, 1995.

Board of Directors and Board of Commisions are joining all staffs of Petakumpet on ceremony at headquarter since evening before the show 'till the party ends at 10.00 pm with praying leads by M. Bagoes Priambada (Business Development Director).

In a move that's credited with raising public awareness of the new logo, Petakumpet also launched an aggressive marketing action that use the power of low budget campaign including above and below the line.

For further information about the new corporate and brand identity, please visit

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